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Week 1
"Fwuffels," by Jim Moss, Tampa, FL
"Therapy Dog," by Les Abromovitz, Boca Raton, FL
"Doughnut Shop Dates," by Jeffrey Strausser, Houston, TX
"Power Out," by Patrice Hamilton, Plantsville, CT
"Factory Settings," by Susan Sher, Ukiah, CA
"Florida," by Steven Doloff, New York, NY
Oct. 5, 8 PM, $14
Oct 6, 8 PM, $14
Oct 7, 2 PM, $14

Week 2
"Avocado Toast," by Ken Levine, Los Angeles, CA
"You Only Get One," by Ronnie Pantello, Longboat Key, FL
"Cell Phone In Yoga Class," by Michele Markarian, Cambridge, MA
"Slammed!," by James T. Kitchens, Orlando, FL
"Sister Soul Mates Bury Pixie," by Kathleen Tomko, Portland, OR
"Say Goodbye To Hollywood," by Bruce Bonafede, Palm Springs, CA
Oct. 12, 8 PM, $14
Oct. 13, 8 PM, $14
Oct 14, 2 PM, $14

Week 3
"Line," by Joseph Mills, Winston-Salem, NC
"Come Fly With Me, " by Esta Fischer, Jackson Heights, NY
"Mrs. Williams, Involved Citizen," by Susan Goodell, Weston, CT
"Shark Week," by Thomas J. Misuraca, Tarzana, CA
"The Syndrome," by Elin Hampton, Encino, CA
Oct. 19, 8 PM, $14
Oct. 20, 8 PM, $14
Oct. 21, 2 PM, $14

Week 4
"The Deal." by Mike McGeever, Bloomingdale, IL
"Keindly Acts," by John F. Backe, New York, NY
"Tough Cookies," by Brett Hursey, Farmville, VA
"The Proposal(s)," by Dave Carley, Toronto, Canada
"Let Me Finish!," by Janet S. Tiger, San Diego, CA
"Melodrama's Back in the Nutshell," by Brandon Bernal, Chula Vista, CA
Oct. 26, 8 PM, $14
Oct. 27, 8 PM, $14
Oct. 28, 2 PM, $14