North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe



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October 6 through 29, 2017
Call 619 647 4958 for info and reservations with your credit card or buy them right here!
All tickets are will call. No tickets will be mailed to you.

Week 1
The Game, by Carlos Perez, Kansas City, MO
Guns and Roses, by Mike Randal, Hamburg, NY
Secret Dreamers, by Ed Friedman, New Rochelle, NY
Rubicon Crossed, by Christopher Arena, New Rochelle, NY
Smugglers, by James T. Kitchens, Orlando, FL
Lower Education, by Lewis Shilane, Joplin, MO
Oct. 6, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 7, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 8, 2 PM, $15

Week 2
The Fail, by Rita Lewis, New York, NY
Never Be Another You, by Jerry D. Cunningham, Olathe, KS
Fair Game, by Andy Creane, Haymarket, VA
Memory Card, Connie Schindewolf, Bradenton, FL
Missing Dewey, by Bill Cissna, Kernersville. NC
Ivy and Spiderman, by Carol Otter, Boise, ID
Oct. 13, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 14, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 15, 2 PM, $15

Week 3
Holiday Special, by Jeanne Beckwith, Roxbury, VT
The Copyright Police, by Margaret E. Jones, McDonough, GA
Artie Diaz Jackson Discovers America, by John Zimmerman, Carol Stream, IL
Barrage from the Garage, by Dan Borengasser, Springdale, AR
But That's OK, by Jenny Mead, Charlottesville, VA
After You, by Liz Coley, Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 20, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 21, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 22, 2 PM, $15

Week 4
Fear The Bunny, by Marissa Vaughan, North Hollywood, CA
Hello? Hello?, by Stephen Sossaman, Burbank, CA
Tonal Manipulation, by Deborah Chava Singer, Vancouver, WA
Left To Your Own Devices, by Joan Antonicelli and Stan Gurvitz, Sarasota, FL
Bob Gets Cast Out of Hell, by Robert O'Connell, Coral Springs, FL
Flowers Every Wedensday, by Dave Fremland, San Diego, CA
Melodrama in a Nutshell, by Melody Drama, New York, NY
Oct. 27, 8 PM, $15
Oct. 28, 8 PM, $15
Oct.29, 2 PM, $15